My Covid Crisis

March 2020 - Today.

I'm young, happy, healthy, don't drink-smoke-do-drugs, eat cleanly, and run ~100kms per week: I caught covid in Melbourne in March 2020 and 1.5 years later I'm still suffering long covid. Including...

馃珋 A haywire heart (POTS & tachycardia)
馃珌 Loopy lungs (shortness of breath)
馃憖 Twisted vision (blurred & double)
馃 Full-smog brain fog (Season 1 only)
馃彞 Too many high-speed trips to the hospital
馃 And much more medical mayhem

"Mortifying" is one way to describe life with long covid; "debilitating" is another. And for me it's come in clear phases...

I was almost asymptomatic during my March 2020 infection but then I was oddly unwell for the next 7 months (with no clue it had anything to do with covid; the world didn't know long covid existed yet)

Then in October 2020 a bomb went off in my body and I was seriously unwell for the next 3 months (which is when I first learned about long covid; mostly through the brilliant work of Gez Medinger on Twitter and Gez Medinger on YouTube and the countless world-class experts he continues to interview tirelessly throughout his own long covid crisis: Thank you all forever 鉂わ笍)

After being bed-bound for 3 months straight my health finally recovered throughout January 2021 and I lived seemingly covid-free for 3-4 months from February...

But then in June 2021 Long Covid Season 2 dropped 鈥 unannounced, uninvited, and unexpectedly 鈥 with the same cast from Season 1 back haunting my body all over again (starring Tachycardia & POTS, 24/7 Tingly Limbs, Twisted Vision, Headache Horrors, & more). So far Season 2 of My Covid Crisis has been equally physically-savage and psychologically-scarring (and I don't use double adverbs lightly). the new twist in Season 2 has been the swift onset of serious neurological symptoms and doctors don't yet know if i have a relapse of long covid or Multiple Sclerosis: or both

So... if anyone knows a Melbourne nuerologist I need brain scans asap 馃. I have no private medical cover and I'm not eligible for government assistance either, so if you can help and you want to, please do: every dollar helps my head, heart, & health...