My Covid Crisis

March 2020 - Today.

I'm young, happy, healthy, don't drink-smoke-do-drugs, eat cleanly, and run ~100kms per week: I caught covid in Melbourne in March 2020 and 2.5 years later I'm still suffering serious long covid. Including...

馃珋 A haywire heart (POTS & tachycardia)
馃珌 Loopy lungs (shortness of breath)
馃憖 Twisted vision (blurred & double)
馃 Full-smog brain fog (+ "Extension Brain Lesions")
馃ザ Raynaud's Syndrome (Secondary type (I guess))
馃彞 Too many high-speed trips to the hospital
馃 And much more medical mayhem

Mortifying, debilitating, and hopeless is the best way to describe life with long covid. And for me it's come in clear phases of: Serious Illness > Recovery > Full Health > Relapse & Repeat. Below is my 2.5 year timeline...

I was almost asymptomatic during my March 2020 *infection but also oddly unwell for the next 7 months (with no clue it had anything to do with covid; the world didn't know long covid existed yet)

Then in October 2020 a bomb went off in my body and I was seriously unwell for the next 3 months (which is when I first learned about long covid; mostly through the brilliant work of Gez Medinger on Twitter, Gez Medinger on YouTube, and the countless world-class experts he continues to interview tirelessly throughout his own long covid crisis)

After being bed-bound for 3 months straight my health finally recovered throughout January 2021 (Summer) and I lived seemingly covid-free for 4 months from February 2021...

But then in June 2021 (Winter) Long Covid Season 2 dropped with the same cast from Season 1 back crippling me all over again (including Tachycardia & POTS, 24/7 Tingly Limbs, Twisted Vision, Headache Horrors, & more) but with a new twist and villain too: the swift onset of serious neurological symptoms. Doctors feared Multiple Sclerosis so I was led down the very long, expensive path of multiple MRIs, Nerve Conduction Tests, Lumbar Punctures, and more, only for them to "rule it out for now".

After another 5 months of hell my health recovered again throughout January 2022 (Summer, again?) 鈥 and I was symptom-free for 4 months living normal life and exercising freely and daily (albeit cautiously with only low intesity).

Then one random day in June 2022 (Winter, again) i jumped in the cold ocean water for 5 minutes and BOOM! Long Covid Season 3 started for me with my feet being 95% numb for the next 2 hours and my health raplidly declining into debilitation, desperation, and more hosptial time (with Tachycardia & POTS, 24/7 Tingly Limbs, Twisted Vision, Headache Horrors, & more). Now we know I'm suffering Raynaud's Syndrome which is likely a secondary condition to [something else] and Long Covid is clear candidate. But most of the experts and doctors here in Melbourne know little about Long Covid and the rest are dismissive and sceptical of it. The "brand new' Long Covid clinic can offer me speech pathology, physiotherapy, psychology, and social services... but no answers or hope

So if anyone can help I'm desperate to not be living in a permanant state of suffering. I've spent a fortune on expert doctors and expert doctor tests without a single answer (in 2.5 years)...



half of all i write is fiction and the rest i just make up...

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