No-Profit Love

Worldclass work at No-Profit Prices

Global brands like Gillette and GSK pay $1,000 p/h for my creative concepts. Large companies like Lorna Jane and Affinity pay $220 p/h for my coding and consulting. And lots of other brands pay big bucks for my ecommerce expertise. But my services are also available at No-Profit prices for any good cause.

So if you're a community service, local business, non-profit, Indie Artist, Enby Entrepreneur, fulltime Mum, startup Kid, Mum-and-Pop shop, or the Hilltop [Hoods], we can work together.

My No-Profit Offer works like this...

You hire me to create, code, or consult
It can be 1-time tasks or ongoing projects
I charge you only $21 p/hr (AUD min' wage)
I work up-to 5hrs per week for you
Some conditions apply
Availablity is limited

* Low-Profit Love is also available.
* Pro Bono Love is available too.


half of all i write is fiction and the rest i just make up...

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