broken home
by SAYSO ©️ 2020

i was looked at in the eyes
by a 3 year old who cries
beaten tears fall down from eyes
a broken home

as i looked back in those eyes
only 3 years open wide
they’re terrorised inside
a broken home

with a parent right beside
her beaten broken screaming child
is paralysed inside
a broken home

other parent is despised
he left his wife & lonely child
just to drink with other guys
a broken home

still the parents wonder why
in the darkness every night
beds are wet in silent fright
a broken home

and their million dollar pride
where perfect portraits hang inside
does nothing to disguise
a broken home

(chords + lyrics here soon)

some songs are too true

SAYSO is an indie artist acknowledging the Wurundjeri People and Kulin Nation as the rightful custodians of the Land: always.


half of all i write is fiction and the rest i just make up...

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