tinder (take 1)

I'm a halloumi whore and affogato addict who dreams of liberation and llama farming. I’ll love you forever if you’ll just read me aloud David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest… a book I’ve owned forever but never read.

If you’re not down for David can we fly to Tokyo, suck down sake, and sing karaoke until sunrise?

Wine and art are the way to my heart when cheese and coffee aren't appropriate. I'm real and on Twitter @SAYSOco.

I don’t understand footy, fishing, or photos with tied-up tigers in Thailand...

sayso is an indie artist acknowledging the wurundjeri people and kulin nation as the rightful custodians of the land: always


Let's make magic.

I'm currently available for creative work. So if you need ideas, campaigns, or world-class word work, let's connect.

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You can buy my art online and wear it and stay warm. It's made in Melbourne with love and comes with cuddles too.