burning clowns

you swallow your sword like the son of another
detached from yourself related like
brother in anger eyes roll and outrage
front row your father, act one, your
stage is announced as yours and by you
a performance almighty as you perform you
β€” befored, adored, your audience awed β€”
you perform you performing

you perform full of fire, full-fire cold heart
you perform full of ire, full-fire cold
dark burning down beaten clowns all around
feeding hope filling heads you’re not here you’re not dead still seeds sprout reaching out sipping waters once you said weep to sleep your words keep hope-seeds growing always fed into hearts beating down broken sounds fill empty beds weep to sleep your words keep burning clowns in love instead.

we go down: BURNING CLOWNS

SAYSO is an indie artist acknowledging the Wurundjeri People and Kulin Nation as the rightful custodians of the Land: always.


half of all i write is fiction and the rest i just make up...

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